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Every single year, The Government raises trillions of dollars in tax revenue and put taxation as the primary source of income. Some taxes fund specific government programs, while other taxes fund the government in general.
Every single business transaction has tax consequences.
Tax planning has to be implemented in the early stage of business transaction.
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Translate strategy into action. Organizations fail more often by not implementing their strategies effectively, rather than having the wrong strategy. KIB Consulting brings together the key component of strategy business and operating models, leadership teams, cultures, processes and structures, jobs and people, tax planning into clear and practical design and execution plan.
Make insightful decisions. With insights based on authoritative databases and experience and expertise, we can help our clients make better, more informed decisions.
Implement and sustain our recommendation. Designing new framework is just the beginning after client assign KIB Consulting for certain project or regular compliance; implementing and sustaining change is the hardest part. We help our clients through all stages of the process, sharing our knowledge and empowering them to succeed in the future.

Consultants of KIB shall:

- Know his/her client well, we prioritize and represent our clients’ best interests to comply with proper business conduct, and regulations
- Manage his/her professionalism, confidence, and business ethics
- Value confidentiality & privacy at all aspects
- Maintain his/her integrity and honesty
- Advance his/her knowledge, skills, and competences
- Ensure to deliver high-standard services
- Be able to demonstrate camaraderie and have good relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders
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