Our Team

Our priority is to ensure that the client achieve their business goal succesfully both short term and long term.

KIB Consulting, a comprehensive business consulting firm that channels decades of combined professional expertise of its people into five key areas including Accounting, Taxation, Merger and Acquisition, Business Consulting and Financial Consulting.

By working closely with our clients, we examine emerging trends and challenges in the industry then help them mitigate the risks. Furthermore, in order to maximize clients' potential, exposure and growth, we assist our clients to identify as well as address their complex potential issues and existing matters at hand by keeping their long-term interests in mind.

PT Konsultan Indonesia Bersama, KIB Consulting has expertise in providing optimum financial and business solutions for companies in all sizes across different industries. For companies that are in certain sectors, such as trading and coal mining, which constantly face regulatory pressures, our experienced professionals who are specialized in those sectors will help them improve their performance and significantly increase their efficiency.

Bambang Suwarso

Bambang Suwarso, Managing Director, bambang.suwarso@kib-consulting.com

Rachmat Rachmat

Rachmat Kurniawan, Senior Associate, rachmat@kib-consulting.com

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